Strong Fixative Mousse



Strong fixative mousse 300ml

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For rebounded and revitalized curls, the styling mousse perfectly rewards your curls. Its formula with an extract of natural agent grants them a soft standing while protecting the front frizz.

As a smooth mousse, it does nor grease and carton hair.

The professional STYLING STRONG FIXATIVE MOUSSE grants you a long-term standing, thanks to its curling agents. It redraws your curl for all-day-long.

Professional advice

Shake well before using. Apply the mousse to the palm head forward on wet or dried hair.

For plump and full of life curls, choose the Volumizing mousse.

For natural curls, choose the Medium mousse.

For long lasting curls, prefer the Strong Fixative mousse.


Mousse genetics fixation forte

Mousse qui tient ses promesses. Conforme à la description

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Strong Fixative Mousse

Strong Fixative Mousse

Strong fixative mousse 300ml

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